(June 2012)
I warmly endorse the creative ministry of Pastor Victor G. The combination of thoughtful preaching with the presentating of his own songs makes for special worship and effective outreach to a multi-cultural audience.  Plan to invite him to your church.
National Superintendent
Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand (http://www.ecw.org.nz)
I have known Victor G for around 3 years and the first time I heard him preach and sing I recognized the significant anointing that is on his life and ministry. Victor preaches the type of messages that I wish that I could preach. He is humorous, articulate, charismatic, sensitive, theologically sound and evangelically strong. His singing and worship ministry provides a powerful and complementary instrument to his ministry toolkit. I strongly recommend him to any church that is looking for ministry that combines excellence with the demonstration of the power of God.

Tim Symons
Associate Pastor
Elim Christian Centre, Auckland (http://www.elimchristiancentre.org.nz)

Ps Victor G is a wonderful preacher that can expound and express the hard to understand Bible passages into practical truth that can easily be comprehended and applied to our daily life. Praise God for his servant heart and vision to reach the unsaved with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Keep up the good work
Karvin Chin
Youth & Mission Pastor
Auckland Christian Mandarin Church (www.acmcnz.org.nz)
From the time I met Victor I realised he is a man with a humble servant heart and a Kingdom focus. His music is peaceful and anointed and combined with an educated insight into God’s word. His ministry at our church was well received, effective and fruitful. Richest blessings.
Andrew Garratt
Senior Pastor
Burnside Elim Community Church, Christchurch (www.burnsideelim.wordpress.com)
(July 2012)

We really appreciated Ps Victor’s ministry in our Church, his music was from the heart and the lyrics very thoughtful and meaningful. He spoke well and our congregation was engaged and uplifted. Hope you will come back sometime Victor!

Senior Pastor
Christchurch Chinese Church (http://www.chinesechurch.org.nz/)
(August 2012)
I got to know Pastor Victor through a friend, Rev Henry Chong from Singapore. We were privileged to have him minister at our church last July. His message and songs were a great blessing to Good News Fellowship. He was very easy to cooperate with and appreciates every kindness shown to him. My Senior Pastor Jerry Teoh & other  leaders hold a high regard of him .

Due to the great experience we have had partnering with Ps. Victor, he was again invited back in August by a Women’s group to share and sing in a fund raising dinner for the under-privileged kids in Kuching. The charity dinner was a success and we received excellent feedback regarding Ps. Victor from a number of pastors from Kuching and Singapore.

We really appreciate Ps.Victor’s ministry in Kuching. Keep up the good work, Victor.

Alice Chan
Good News Fellowship, Kuching Malaysia
(Sept 2012)
God has given Pastor Victor G the gift of music, singing and preaching and he has combined them well through his concerts and itinerant ministry.  He communicates the gospel effectively through his songs, preaching and testimonies.  I believe God is using him in a special way to bring many into His kingdom and to inspire many others to faithful service for the Lord Jesus.
Rev Dr Mark Chua
Associate Pastor
Chinese Methodist (Hokkien) Church, Kuala Lumpur


(Oct 2012)

Ps Victor Gee’s songs are authentic and most of which are written as a result of his walk and experience with the Lord. The music is contemporary and his voice is clear and thus the audience can hear and be ministered by the lyrics. His style of putting the songs in between his sermon goes down very well with our congregation and this adds ‘variety’ to the way that he blends his talent of singing and his preaching that are designed to challenge the people towards decisions that they will have to make. I will gladly recommend and endorse his ministry.

Rev Lawrence Yap
Senior Pastor
Charis Christian Centre, Kuala Lumpur (http://www.charis.org.my/)


(Nov 2012)

We had the privilege of having Pastor Victor G minister to us for our Sunday Bilingual Service. His word and deep understanding of the Bible as well as historic references and prophetic teachings captivated the hearts and minds of our audiences. The songs that he sung played a part in ministering to the people as well. I appreciate his extra effort in singing his song in Mandarin for the benefit of our Mandarin speaking members.

On the whole, he is indeed a minister we will like to welcome back again for more teaching and preaching sessions in our church. A definite man of God especially for our Evangelistic Services.

Ps Samuel Hong
Church of Singapore, Bukit Timah (http://www.cosbt.org.sg/)
(Dec 2012)

“I am impressed with the meaningful content of the lyrics and the music that goes along with them. Too often we have one but not the other.  We in Glory Christian Centre were blessed, especially those who accepted the Lord after your ministry.”

Glory Christian Centre, Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) (http://www.gcc.org.my)
(April 2013)
Victor was the key attraction to the crowds, when we bought church onto Queen St in Auckland’s CBD, on Good Friday this year. Victor is a man of excellence and as he was rehearsing before the outreach, by-passers stopped in their tracks captivated by his singing and many came back when we explained he would perform that night. Victor held the street crowd like we have never achieved before as he built his case on the truth of Jesus fulfilling historical prophesy. His passionate and bold Gospel presentation was beautifully tempered with songs capturing his heart and the reality of Christ’s love in his life. Praise God many responded !
Global Pastor @ Auckland Baptist Tabernacle (http://www.tabernacle.org.nz/)
(July 2013)
“Victor has a special gift with his voice.  He sings powerfully, clearly, creatively and meaningfully.  And he has interwoven the Good News of Christ and his powerful testimony into his songs.  It is indeed a powerful tool for evangelism and ministry.   Plus that I found Victor to be a man of God, full of faith, zeal, love for people and of God’s word (with sound doctrine and living out God’s word).  God is using him to bring the Gospel to the lost. ”

Rev. Johnny Chin,
St. Andrew’s Church, BSB, Brunei
(March 2014)
“Victor G’s ministry in FGA Centre was received with much enthusiasm. The congregation enjoyed his songs and was indeed been ministered too. But the message that he delivered that Sunday morning in my church was clear, simple and powerful for the Christians. His handling of the Word of God was with much candor and some humor in between. The congregation received much instruction from the Word and also the ministry of their hearts through the songs. Perhaps, the highlight of his ministry in Penang was that his message was not only relevant to believers but to unbelievers too. He was able to bring the message of salvation through his message. That morning we saw some people came forward to receive Christ for the first time. Till today they are still in Church and growing.”
Ps Heok Cheow
FGA Centre, Penang, Malaysia (http://fgacentre.org/wordpress/)
(April 2014)
Ps Victor Gee has a heart for Jesus and communicates the message of the gospel simply and passionately. His songs speak of the faithfulness of God through every challenge in life. He has impacted many, both young and older, and is a blessing to the body of Christ.
Ps Dr Philip Lyn
SIB SKyline, Sabah, Malaysia (Skyline SIB)
(June 2014)
What impressed me about Victor’s ministry is that as well as being an accomplished singer he also is a gifted preacher, in my experience a rare combination. His professionalism is balanced with a servant heart that endeared him to people in our Church. I commend him to you.
Mike Reid
Senior Minister, Elim Church Huddersfield, UK (www.huddelim.org.uk)
(Oct 2014)
It was a great opportunity to get to know & partner with Victor for the ministry of Christ in reaching the communities with the Gospel. I was personally encouraged by the passion & devotion of Victor to the Lord, and am blessed to know such a brother in Christ. His life, passion, sharing, music and lyrics that was birthed from his walk with God through the high & lows of life speaks powerfully to the people today, acting as a mirror to their lives and pointing them to a hope available in Christ Jesus!
Rev Simon Goh
Senior Pastor, Christchurch Chinese Methodist Church, NZ (www.cmcnz.org.nz/ccmc-service)
(March 2015)
When I first heard about Pastor Victor G and from his pictures, I got the impression that he was more a good looking gospel singer with a message but after his ministry with us, I now know he is more an itinerant preacher/teaching who sings well. Pastor Victor G is articulate and communicates well. He is sincere, eager to serve and simple to work with. His message has a strong teaching element with an evangelistic focus.
Rev Ron Hee
Senior Pastor, New Life Restoration Centre, Petaling Jaya (Malaysia) (http://newlife.org.my/pj/ronhee/)
(July 2015)

Victor G’s gift of singing and preaching engages the heart and spirit. His contemporary approach anointed singing and preaching impacted many lives in Grace Assembly Singapore. He is truly God’s gift to His Church!

Senior Pastor, Grace Assembly of God, Singapore (http://www.graceaog.org/)

(Aug 2015)

It was great having Victor with us for a weekend of ministry in August 2015. Victor was passionate and effective in sharing God’s Word and everyone loved his singing. Several responded to the Gospel challenge and came forward for prayer. We certainly hope to have Victor and Michelle back again. They were a real blessing!
Peter Anderson
Senior Pastor, Mairangi Bay Community Church, Auckland NZ (www.mairangichurch.org.nz)

(Sept 2015)
Pastor Victor Gee is uniquely gifted to preach and present the gospel in songs inspired by the Lord. I have invited and heard him preached a few times in my church and he had never fail to draw any response from his altar call. He is theologically sound, articulate and has the charisma to draw the crowd to his attention. Above all, it’s his humility and love for the nations that has touched many hearts. I fully recommend that you invite him to your church and your evangelistic meetings.
Bernard HF Chong
Elder of Canning Garden Baptist Church, Ipoh Malaysia (Email: chonghinfatt@hotmail.com)
(Jan 2016)

Victor G has ministered twice in Praise City Church, KL and on both occasions he has faithfully preached the Word and lifted up songs of praise and ministry to bless the congregation. He comes with a servants attitude to be a blessing. He gladly flowed with the message topic given to him as his coming was in the middle of a sermon series. His songs are birthed out of his personal experiences with God. Inspite of his obvious talent and good looks, he has maintained healthy boundaries with his adoring fans, pointing them to Jesus. On his recent ministry with us in Oct, 2015, he was faced with a difficult crisis on his daughter’s health. In spite of much personal tensions, he stayed focused to remain in Malaysia and faithfully completed all his ministry commitments to the local churches. He has shown a quiet yet deep trust in the Sovereign Lord. I highly recommend him to your congregation.

Senior Pastor of Praise City Church (http://www.praisecitykl.com)
(July 2016)
Ps Victor G has ministered in our midst a number of times. His unique songs, music and testimony captivated the audience from the beginning to the end. He is endowed with the gift of proclaiming the Gospel in a rare combination of eloquence and singing that inspire hope for life and faith in Christ. I recommend him to any church that is working on outreach events, revival meetings or Christian concerts. He is a blessing to the churches.
Bishop James Wong
The Basel Christian Church of Malaysia
Kota Kinabalu
(Nov 2016)
We were so pleased to host Ps Victor Gee at our church service. His excellence in music & preaching was a real blessing & made for a great Sunday. We were impressed by Victor’s maturity in ministry, as well as his personal humble approach. Highly recommend his gift & ministry to others.
Ps Paul Saunders
Grace Church Auckland (NZ)
(Dec 2016)
I thank God for Ps. Victor Gee who offered and came to minister to us (Hope Philippines) in Manila. Many people liked the way he preached. He could mix his songs and preaching in wonderful ways and with the anointing of God. And there were 16 new converts on that day.
Ps Paul Soradej
(April 2017)
Victor G is a wonderful proclaimer of the Gospel. He presents the Gospel clearly and relevantly. I recommend him highly to any churches for outreach or evangelistic events.
Rev Lawrence Koo
(Sept 2017)
Pastor Victor G is a gifted preacher and singer. He is able to capture the curiosity of the audience towards the Gospel… as he preached through the Word of God accompanied with songs and testimonies. His creativity in composing his songs are commendable. A good recommendation for outreach and evangelistic events! All praises and glory be to God Almighty. Amen
Rev David Boey
Senior Pastor of Gereja Methodist Subang Jaya – Malaysia
(Oct 2017)
It was a privilege to have Victor G share the Gospel to us in word and in song . It was absolutely marvelous as we saw so many souls added to His Kingdom at the altar call. The message was clear and comprehensive. Victor’s singing was a delight to hear. I would strongly recommend him to any church. Warmest regards and God bless.
Pastor Dr Chew
(March 2018)
When I heard Victor preach and sing at my church this Feb 2018, I thought back to about twenty years ago when he was worshipping with us. Humble, with a servant heart, he is still the same unassuming, faithful Christ-follower. So I was truly amazed and blessed by his powerful message with strong biblical content. He is also a very anointed Gospel  song writer and singer. His passion for the lost is very clearly communicated. We look forward to having him back again.
James Krishnan
(May 2018)
Thank you for ministering in Canaan Church by your songs, testimonies and messages during Good Friday and Easter. Our people were indeed ministered and blessed! Keep up the wonderful and pleasant spirit that you have as you spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ for His glory!
Rev Daniel Leong
(Jan 2019)
We were truly overwhelmed by Pastor Victor G’s ministry in Putera Aman Assembly. He is not only an anointed singer but a dynamic preacher who preaches without compromise or watering down of the Gospel. Not many singing evangelist with such a gifting and Glory to God.
Rev Brian Ranjan
National Worship Director of AOG Malaysia
(Feb 2019)
It was truly a wonderful experience having Victor G in our church. His message of God’s love and grace is consistently resounded in his music that is totally relatable and not to mention powerful. A very talented and gifted man of God with lots of life’s testimonies that touch the human hearts. I truly endorse this minister of God as there is surely a subtle and yet powerful anointing in his ministry! Keep serving my friend! Keep singing for the Master!!
Rev. Rafael Casela
Pastor and Overseer of FGT EUROPE.
London, UK.


(Aug 2019)
You would not want to miss Ps Victor if you have not had him yet.  His testimonies would fill you with a sense of awe for God; his passion for evangelism is contagious; his engagement with the youths makes Gospel attractive to them … Most of all, I see in him as one who loves God so dearly and serves people so readily.

Rev Dr Lau Hui Ming
Pastor, Trinity Methodist Church, Kuching
District Superintendent, Kuching West District.